iOs mobile app link can't be downloaded and install

Good day Community!

We currently generated an iOS app, there were no errors and such. But after scanning the QR code on an iPhone 5s and we try to download/install the app, we keep getting the "Cannot connect to <nameof the environment>" error, our environment health is fine and other apps running on the same environment can be accessed. But with downloading/installing the file we keep getting that error. 

We already registered the iPhone 5s' Device ID on our apple developer account and all our certificate and provisioning profile seemed to be okay since we managed to generate the app.

I've read from this post that we have to install the certificate on the device and it should be verified. We already did that but the problem is, it's not getting verified. We thought maybe this is one of the cause of the "Cannot connect to <name of the environment>" error.

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Hi Louise,

I suggest you contact the cloud support to help you.


António Pereira