Problems using Login system action

Hi guys,

We are experiencing some strange behavior when using the 'Login' system action. 

Some background: when the user navigates to our login page, they have the option to sign in using their user name and password from our user base or use google sign in.

When passing the google authentication we perform the following logic:

So, if the user is using google oauth, their token gets authenticate via google rest calls, and then the user is looked up via email in our system. If found, we sign them in using the 'Login' system action.

Otherwise, the 'User_Login' action is used.

Some users are experiencing some strange behavior, that when they login using google ('Login' method), all the login logic is performed successfully, and they are redirected to the main dashboard of our application.

Once navigating to any page, they lose their session and are redirected to the login screen again.

This will happen anywhere between 2-5 times until they are able to navigate through the application with no problems.

When using the 'User_Login' method, using their user accounts, they do not experience this problem.

Just a note, once we authenticate the google token, and login, we no longer use any type of google session token, it is only used to verify them on login, google is disconnected and no longer comes into play.

So my assumption is something is going wrong with the session when using the 'Login' method, but it only happens the first few attempts, and then works after.

I am left scratching my head over here.

Anybody have any ideas or has anyone experienced anything like this?

Any information would help.



Hi. Do you have a loadbalancer or something similar?

What you are suggesting is that even though they come back via google the session is different.

That smells like a routing issue where iis/.net assumes a different session..

Or the return url is different. I.e. you login at but the return url will be  this will also be an issue.

Anyways these are guesses.

One thing I was thinking about is if all the user provider setting are all the same (so over all eSpaces)? Shouldn't make a difference but can make a difference.

Kind regards,

Yeah, this sounds like a case of either different user providers, or different servers connected to different session databases.



Just to close this one out..

It turned out that there was nothing wrong with the login vs. user login action, as expected. I had just come to a point where nothing was making sense so figured I'd post it on here to see if there was anything I hadn't checked after bashing my head on it for a bit.

The problem ended up being that the login page to our application was set to run on full screen mode on the login page, but the rest of the app was set to not. 

So when the user created their shortcut on their iPad, when clicking the shortcut, it would open the app in full screen mode, they would sign in, and once clicking a menu item, they would redirect to that page, in a new session, within safari. If the application was opened directly from safari, the user would never see this problem, only via the iPad shortcut.

Once the apple meta tags were adjusted, all was fine.

While this is a very specific problem, I figured it couldn't hurt posting what the problem ended up being.