OnPrem Multiple Enviroment, differnet SQL DB and Service acocunts?

We are setting up our environments and do not see any requirements for on prem.

Does each environment need a separate database? Does each one need a different or use the same service account?

Hi Cory,

Downloading the Platform Server checklist you can follow all the steps.

You can also check the following link:


Elaborating a little more on your question, you need different VMs/Servers for each and every environment.

All environments can share the same Database Instance, but not the same catalogs (anyway you should not use the database instance of course, at least split your Production instance to a Production instance of your database server).

About service accounts, if you are talking about AD (one example) you can use the same source for all environments, no problem at all. But if you have a Test AD you should use it for your development servers.