Styles of the Columns in Table Record


I'm trying to make some dynamic changes on a table records widget.
The thing is:

I have a table records widget in which, each of my columns names are based on an expression.
What i wanted to achieve is, everytime the expression assumes, a certain value, i wanted to change the style of the entire column (e.g., shadow, or diferent color)

Do you have any sugestion?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Bruno,

You can use the extended properties of the table record cell (both the header and the body of it) to define a rule for 'class' attribute giving it the value 'If(MyExpression = "MyValue", "MyClass", "TableRecords_Header")'
For the body you must check for even and odd lines if you want to maintain the original styles "TableRecords_EvenLine" and "TableRecords_OddLine". You can use the Mod function for this.

Hope this helps, Cheers,