Full screen mobile application

Did anyone do a full screeen mobile application?

I am using a cordova plugin from here https://github.com/mesmotronic/cordova-plugin-fullscreen, and it works almost perfect, however there is a problem that I can't find solution for: when I get system confirmation (in particular, shutdown confirmation) - this leaves a black area on the right section, overlapping the page, until I call a plugin method again (in my application it is called in Layout OnReady, so you need to go to some other screen). I'm wondering if there is another, better approach? Or is there some event I can catch for this case maybe?

Hello Igor,

I don't know if this solution is an option you can consider, but OutSystems supports having a transparent status bar. The application will be displayed using the full area of the screen, although the status bar text still appears:


It's not the same thing as a strictly full screen app, but if it works for your specific scenario it's straightforward to set up.

Thanks, Paulo Ribeiro , this was the first thing I tried, and I don't remember all the details, but it was not full srceen enough, or not at all. I also tried this in combination with a plugin, but didn't see any difference compared to using only plugin.