<div> tag element

<div> tag element


hi there,

how to create tag like this:

<div id="mapDiv"></div>




Hi Barong,

The easiest way is to put this into a XY Expression and set the escape content to No:

"<div id=""mapDiv""></div>"




Hey BB,

A div tag is just a container.
So add a container to your canvas and click on it.
On the right bottom side of Service Studio you can see a block named "Extended Properties".
For property add id
And for Value add "mapDiv"

And that's all there is to it.

However you could also use the name variable, give the container a Name, and you can get the Id using Name.Id.

Thank you very much Jose and Clearing. I'll try.

If both are correct which one should i use best?




Really depends on the context. 

If you need to supply the id to a jquery-extension, you should go for the auto-generated id, because then you know for sure it's unique on the page.


I am not sure if the extended-property with id will work, because the id is normally used for the ajax-refreshes and all other stuff.


I think you should have a look at this post:


It shows you how you can customize the specific HTML tag for a container. For example a H1 tag.

Thank you very much all,

Finally the javasript google map comes out:

i put the script as an expression and the javascript in the Javascript property of the screen:

best regards,


That's the way to do it.