Edit/Change the Silk UI Theme layout


Would like to ask if anyone have tried to modify the theme/layout of the silk UI. For example to remove the menu or title of the layout. Change the position of the content page?

I did manage to modify the layout of the Silk UI to what i expect but somehow it will display weirdly in mobile but not web. 

Anyone try before with no issue?


Can you explain a bit more what you want to achieve?

(Web vs. Mobile is a big difference)

There are courses about extending/altering the theme.

furthermore if you read up on SilkUI you also have the VanillaTheme where you can alter lots of stuff.

Heck, there is even a special course about ACME-theme.

It's simply a matter of CSS so no rocket-science involved.

So, to answer your question in short: Yes we have tried and succesfully.

Hi Jace,

When you follow J. advice about looking into documentation, you will discover that SilkUI detects the device you are, and add classes to the "page" div, that is around your page, that identify the device (desktop, phone, tablet), and even the size (small).

So, usually, if you are changing CSS without taking this into consideration, it will apply your CSS in desktop, but will revert back to original CSS when in mobile, as there is specific CSS to mobile.

Changing a layout and messing around with CSS to style it differently is not a problem, and is very easy indeed, but you need to properly prepare yourself to be able to do that.

Eduardo Jauch

Hello J,

Default they have menu, title,content and footer. I do not want the menu and title thus i want to remove it. Since i have removed it, there is a huge white space from the top to the content which is not nice. Therefore i edit the CSS to move the content position to the top. It display as what i have expected but however when i open the application from mobile, the word is being cut off.

Hello Eduardo Jauch,

Noted on this. I guess probably the css revert back to the original one thus the result of displaying weirdly in the mobile. 

Thank both. I will try to work on it