combo box with static values

I have a combo box. I fed it with a static entity , so in SOURCE ENTITY I set  to the static entity. So far so good. Then in the source attribute I have chosen the LABEL. Then as variable I have set the Session.Event   (Which is of the type  <entity_name> Identifier).  It gives an error of cast... "

Internal Error            

Specified cast is not valid.


this only worked with non-static values.

Hello Jorge

Here I can make it work without any problem.
So, a couple questions.

1. The variable bounded with the combo box is of SAME type (Identifier) as the Static Entity you are providing as source to the combo box? No "yellow border" saying the variable is not the one the combo box is expecting?

2. Do you have any "special values" and/or a "special variable" defined in the combo box? If yes, the type is the same (values are integers and the special variable is integer)?

3. Are you SURE the problem is in this combo box, and not in logic that runs when you select an item or after it?

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo

1. The variable bounded to the combo box is a session variable of EventType identifier.  The source for the combobox is the static entity called EventType... There is no yellow border.

2. the only special values I set were -1 in VALUE 1 and Escolha o evento FOR the OPTION 1.

3. I cannot even see the webscreen as it gives an error of cast. 


Hello Jorge,

I would say that the problem is NOT the combo box, but something in the preparation, or other thing in the screen, where you are trying to assign values with types that can not be converted automatically.

Please, check your preparation in debug, so that you can find the problem. If it is not in preparation, than should be in the screen, but for what you said, I don't think it is the combo box.

Eduardo Jauch.


combo box is working now. 

The problem is the fact I need to filter the results with the static entity and i cannot add it to the aggregate,  o. there is another way (i have used an attribute of an entity that is present in the aggregate) but it gives many null values I do not want to use in the combo box (and I cannot set a filter to hide all these null values because the table would not show these null values and I need them...)