Web Service problem

Web Service problem

Hi all,

I have added a web reference to my espace and the definitions were loaded ok. I Used an action from this reference (there are many) and the espace published ok. When the espace executes the action or any other that the web reference has, I get the following error message:

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it ....
Unable to connect to the remote server

Has anyone got an idea what the could be?
Are you using your local Express Edition?

Because if not, then the server you're deploying the application to might not have access to the server where the service is running - meaning the target machine would actively refuse it.

Sounds like a firewall problem to me. Can it be?

Hope it helps,
Hi Gonçalo,

I'm using the downloadable free Express Edition 4.1 and accessing web services provided by Optimus.

From the error messages returned when running the espace namely:
"No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it .... "
"Unable to connect to the remote server"
I would suppose the target machine to be Optimus's Server providing the Web Services. However when creating the web reference and indicating the URL at optimus the defintions are downloaded and the various actions available from the web service are created, suggesting to me, that my ser ver can access the Optimus server, right? but then again, when I compile the espace I do get a web reference integrity warning that it cannot access the URL...

Thanks for help
Forgot too mention that I'm running the service studio from the express server and that if I access the Web reference URL from a browser on the server, I do have access too the webservice defintions etc...