Recover deleted records

Is there a way of recovering records from an entity that were deleted in error? Is there a backup?? 

Hi Debra,

I guess it wasn't a soft delete, right? If you're on OutSystems cloud there should be a daily backup from the last 2 weeks which you can ask support to restore temporarily for you - they create it separately from the live one. 

Hard lesson

therefor you really need to think upfront how to delete (hard/soft) and who can delete the.

(and the annoying confirmation dialog is actually a lifesaver in most cases)

Hi Tiago,

one of the end users deleted some of their records so I assume not a soft delete??

Yes we are on Outsystems cloud. So i just need to log a request with them as I have the date he deleted them which was Friday 20th October?


Hi Debra,

In that case you should be able to at least recover the data to try recreating the records. You just need to submit a ticket to support asking for the latest backup just before the deletion.