[DBCleaner] Missing DBCleanerTables extension after installation of the DBCleaner v2.0.0

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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 2018-11-23 by Johan den Ouden


I've installed the latest version of the DBCleaner and I found out that the following extension is missing in the installation package. Could somebody add this extension?

Hello Remco,

I just installed in an environment where the DBCleaner was never installed.
Could you check that the tables are not there setting the Show All instead of ShowMissing or Modified?

Could be the case that the tables were dropped and add again so that for the system would be like new tables.

Eduardo Jauch

Or could be the case that your installation got wrong, or that this problem was fixed meanwhile...

Hi Eduardo,

We are working on a clean cloud installation, but the DBCleanerTables.xif extension is missing on every environment. We are running version 10.0.604.0.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

I re-check and add a new version if there is a problem.

I deleted DBCleaner and reinstalled and there is DBCleanerTables.xif extension.



I did the installation on a personal, 10.0.702.0
I used the latest version of the DBCleaner.

If you download the OAP file and inspect it (It's just a zip, anyway), you will see that the DBCleanerTables.xif is present.

The only options I'm seeing here are:

1. The person trying to install does not have permissions on Extensions and the system is preventing the installation of it (but if it is doing this without errors and warnings would be very weird). How are you installing the DBCleaner?

2. The platform IS installing but you have some weird thing going on. And I say that because if it's a fresh installation (no previous installed DBCleaner), why the heck did it actually "shows" the extension and say that the extension is not there? It's almost like if the installation process was interrupted before finalizing, letting the meta database in a weird state.

No errors during the installation?

Eduardo Jauch


By the way, Remco,

I notice that the DBCleaner module is not installed also...
I think this is weird :)

Again... Permissions problem?
Installation problem?

It is not a problem with the DBCleaner itself, for sure :)

Eduardo Jauch

Installation is done using Service Studio.

  1. Direct install from the Forge website.
  2. Download DB Cleaner and install from local disk.

Running everything in Administrator mode. In both cases no errors were shown and the installation finished successfully, but with a broken references icon on the DBCleaner eSpace.

It's kind of spooky. Let me check if I can find some other causes.

Thanks for the tips. When I find the cause I'll post it here.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

What type is DB server and what type is web server?

Hi guys,

Found the cause of the issue. We started with the environment and registered ourselves as Administrators. After this we got an email to register our emailaddress... When you click this link, your user account on LifeTime is downgraded to Developer, but there is no log record that this happened. 

The error in ServiceCenter logs was: You are not allowed to publish this extension. You don't have enough permissions over the database connections that own the following external entities: APPLICATION, APP_VERSION_MODULE_VERSION.

Now I've changed my user back to Administrator and I installed DB Cleaner successfully (both modules and no broken references). Although it finished with an error popup, the details of the popup didn't show any errors in the deployment phase.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

I have read all the tips, reasons, and use of the  DBCleaner. I don't have time now to dwell on the issue, because I did not understand.  However, it is nice that  you  resolved it  though weird, thanks.