How to assign multiple user to a human process?


I am quite new to outsystems. What I need to do is assign some users to a particular human task. When I keep the user field blank, the end users get notified. But when I set a particular role as user for this task this does not work (Plz see screenshot). Can I get a details how to do it? 

I saw in threads people are using ActivitySetGroup. But cant find anywhere how to use that too. So please can anyone give a details how to do it?


Hi Shukdeb,

If you need to use Roles, you must select them in the "Roles" pane as shown in the image below:


Aurelio Santos wrote:

Hi Shukdeb,

If you need to use Roles, you must select them in the "Roles" pane as shown in the image below:

Yes I have done that too. But still the task is not getting assigned to anyone. I need to assign to multiple users. So that when everyone completes the work, process goes to next step.

Hi Shukdeb,

I think the following link can help you:

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João Nobre


If your process is correctly configured and the users have the Role you've selected, than the task has to appear in their taskboxes.

Can you share your OML?

Hi all,
Thank you. It was my bad. For my application EPA Administration was enabled and thus I was not getting the assigned tasks. It is working now after configuring the taskbox.

Actually I have one more question related to this. 

Can anyone please describe how to use the ActivitySetGroup action? I mean how do we get the activityId and groupId? In users espace I can create a new group but how do I set it in ActivitySetGroup?

You call the ActivitySetGroup inside of the OnReady action of the HumanActivity, and this way you have the ActivityId and for getting the GroupId you can have an aggregate querying the Group Entity (Systems).

Additionally to what João said, and depending on your requirements, you could also have a Human Activity in your process that consists of assigning a specific group of users who will perform the next activity. So you'd query the Group system entity to create a screen where the user selects the group, store his selection in the DB, and then assign the selected group to the activity in its OnReady action.