List&Label - Has anyone used this reporting tool

Has anyone used the combit reporting tool List&Label ?

I'm considering evaluating it for use within OutSystems and wondered if anyone had any experience good or bad with it.

I have successfully used it inside our win32 product, so am familiar with the desktop reports usage.


Never heard of it.

I am not sure if it be an asset to Outsystems, because you need to either code it with c#

(there are no REST-APIs what I could find) so you need to develop it.

Furthermore if you do it via the studio of List&Label you will have some challenges on the generated tables.

and tbh, what I quickly saw, you have faster result by using the charts-components.

so go ahead and evaluate by all means, if it's good let us know :D

Thanks for your reply.

I am trying to understand what can and can't easily be integrated into OutSystems.

My need is to replace a reporting solution - where users need to generate reports, view online, export to PDF and XLSX. 

I have read these posts to try and gain understanding of what I could or should use

The distinction above seem to be between ASP.NET controls (mix of client/server) and pure client side controls.

List&Label is an control, so it will be subject to these problems.

I will start a new question re client side reporting controls.