[Bluetooth Serial Plugin] RSSI for Android

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Published on 2018-10-29 by João Barata
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Published on 2018-10-29 by João Barata

Hi Team,

How to get the RSSI on Android Mobile phone?

Its always returning ZERO for all unpaired devices. Please help to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance!!!

Hello Deepak,

Unfortunately, I don't think the plugin will return the RSSI for android devices. As per the Cordova plugin documentation for Android Devices you get the following information

    "class": 276,
    "id": "10:BF:48:CB:00:00",
    "address": "10:BF:48:CB:00:00",
    "name": "Nexus 7"

And for IOS devices you get

    "id": "CC410A23-2865-F03E-FC6A-4C17E858E11E",
    "uuid": "CC410A23-2865-F03E-FC6A-4C17E858E11E",
    "name": "Biscuit",
    "rssi": -68

Also, the advertised RSSI may be included if available.

This component is based on https://github.com/don/BluetoothSerial so you can go there take a better look at what is available.

Best Regards,

It is obvious to know that the Developers page may have the answer to your question. For example, the Developer page has fetchUuidsWithSdp for the descripion. I have read it or conclude that the 1os is same with the Android. Let me know what you find, thanks.

Hello Fidelis,

What I was trying to say is that the cordova plugin where this component is based  (https://github.com/don/BluetoothSerial) doesn't return rssi values on Android when listing the devices.

Also, at this moment, the readRSSI function is not yet implemented. That Is something I'll try to include on the next version.

I'm not sure if you are trying to use this component to connect to a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device. If that is the case I believe that the BLE plugin might be a better fit and you should be able to get the rssi values.

Best Regards