Client-Side Tabs with Client-Side Validation

Client-Side Tabs with Client-Side Validation


my app has 4 tabs, each one with input fields, and only one global submit button.

The problem is that when I use client-side validation the action associated with the global submit button isn't called if there's any empty input field.

I would like to know if it's possible to edit this validation action (the action that does this validation in client-side) in order to goto the tab with the empty fields.


PS: The file attached contains myapp working as I would like but with server-side validation.

PS2: My app also has a server-side tabs version, and I haven't found a way to pass data between tabs, I've tryed to use session vars and the tabs parameters. Does anyone knows how can I pass data between tabs?
Hi Gonçalo,

If you want to perform custom client side validations maybe this post from Rodrigo Coutinho can help.

Tiago Simoes
Hi Tiago,

that post doesn't solve my problem because I'm already doing that kind of validations.

My problem is thatt I'm using tabs and I want to jump to the tab with the invalid field after button submit have been pressed.

Do u know how can I do this?

Hi goncalo,

I think that the easiest and most effective way of you doing this is with server-side validations.