Ldap extension


I'd like to know if there is any kind of action on LDAP extension that allows us to check for existent users on a respective hostname.

Luis Pereira
Hi Luis,

Have you tried the Search method?
It allows you to specify a query to execute the search for whatever you need in the AD. The query (Filter parameter) must be in the LDAP format. (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa746475.aspx)

Hope it helps!
Hi everyone.

I was trying to use the search function from LDAP extension to get me a full user list of my AD.

I'm inserting the following parameters:

Username "utilizador1"
Password "password"
Path "servername"
Filter "(objectClass=User)"

When I go and run the app, it stops on this search function with and unidentified error.....

Has any of you used this function and could please indicate me where might i be wrong?

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro

Worked for me, but I did need to use a LDAP browser ( freeware from http://www.ldapadministrator.com/download.htm ) to help diagnose access problems, and query string properties. Our administrator did not put users into the default group, they were in a "MigratedUsers" group.

I suggest using the browse tool to help visually diagnosing the connection, then apply those parameters in OutSystems.

Hi Ken, thank you for your suggestion, i can now connect and browse my AD.

I don't get an error anymore, but from Search i can only return my input path!

I'm currently trying to use property get list to get my values...Hope i'm on the right way.

For reference : (notice the capsulated LDAP)

Username "utilizador1"
Password "password"
Path "LDAP://cgptlisbad01:389/OU=Users,OU=Lisboa,DC=port,DC=capgemini,DC=com"
Filter "(objectClass=*)"
FindOne false
FilterScope "Base"
Mine works as:

Username "me"
Password "password"
Path "LDAP://domiancontrollername:389/ou=Migrated Users,DC=wti,DC=local"
Filter "(objectClass=user)"
FindOne false
FilterScope "sub"

Yes, LDAP must be in caps! Your path will of course vary, and seeing you are now able to browse, that is probably ok. Try changing the two filters and see what you get. I'll look in again Monday, as we have a short week this week for our Thanksgiving holiday time. The sub filter tells it to look under that path as well.
Hi, i have it working now :-). With search i retrieve a list of paths, and for each path i do a property_getList, and the a getValue, and i have what i want.

Thank you again for your availability,

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro

I'm in this project where I need to use the LDAP authentication so that the users can access with their network username and password to the developed web application.

Enterprise Manager helps by giving some part of the code, where in the Login action there is the Login_WithLDAP action where he gets the user's username from the LDAP and then saves the information in the USERMASTER table which then will be coppied in the USER table (managed in the EM).

I just need to get the 'mail' and 'displayName' from the LDAP by using that 'GetValues' action in the LDAP extension. I'm putting the path correctly for sure, because the system administrator has written this little piece of code in VB where he retrieves this information I need.

So, it's something like:
Path: "LDAP://cn=<username>, ... "
Property: "mail" or "displayName"

Nothing is retrieved when I login. What I'm doing wrong here?
The web application is in the 4.1 version.
Ok i have the extension.. it only seems to apply to the Users application.  i want to use it in my epsace.  I have an asset tracker and want to pull any relevant AD information based on the users name associated with the Asset.  How can i implement this in my espace?