What is the OSDBAgent.exe

I´m with a problem using SQL Server Express 2005 (TP) to store the ASP.NET Sessions. The table is growning too fast. The only abnormal thing that I found is a Scheduled Job that runs this application OSDBAgent.exe wich is located at c:\Program Files\OutSystems\OSDBAgent.
I suppose this application is about to clean the tempdb, specifically the ASPStateTempSessions table.
Does anyone knows if is that correct? How can I find more information about it? Thankz in advance.
Hi Rodrigo

You're correct. The OSDBAgent.exe application cleans up any expired sessions, and hence, the tempdb session data model.

This tool exists to overcome the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition limitation of not having a SQL Server Agent Service. More information on how to setup this tool in order to properly clean up the session data model is found in the technical note How To Store Sessions In SQL Server 2005 Express .

If the session state user in the SQL Server has been changed or recreated, then it's possible that the OSDBAgent tool does not have the proper permissions to clean up the session state model. Try to run the same command line of the scheduled job manually in a command prompt and check any erroneous output.

Let us know your findings.


Miguel João
Ok Miguel,

Thank you! I found the procedures called by OSDBAgent.exe (dbo.DeleteExpiredSessions and dbo.RemoveSMSSessions). I'll check the permissions.

... and post my findings. :D


Rodrigo C. Souza