Populate a Combobox with a list


Can I populate a Combobox with a List (Integer List)?

I set the Source Record List with name of the list. But then I must set the Source Attribute. What should I provide ?


Hi Alberto Ferreira,

The Source Attribute is the element that will be visible on screen must be a attribute of the list you're using. 

While Source Identifier Attribute is the id associated with the value displayed (source attribute). 

Since you want to use a list of integers I suggest setting Source Identifier Attribute and Source Attribute with the same variable.

Bare in mind that the Source Identifier Attribute must be unique, meaning that there cannot 2 elements with the same id in the list.

Hope this helps.

Best regards 

Rodrigo Henriques


Hi Alberto,

You could create a simple structure with just one integer attribute and then use a list of that structure as the source for the combobox.


Thanks Aurelio. Good Ideia. I wll test and then give feedback

Folks. Sorry for not yet mark a answer as a solution. However suggestions seems ok, I didn't and time to test. But I will do it !! ;)

Aurelio your solution serves my propose. Once again Thanks to all