Cascading Dropdown on editable table not showing values in child dropdown after save.

Hi Team,

 I have a two dropdowns on Editiable table (Cascading)

  1. BG (Connected to “LookUpMaster” Entity filtered to select required values)
  2. BU (Connected to BU Entity)

Sample BG Value

Sample BU Value

In Editable Table:

  1. OnChange of BG, I am populating values in BU dropdown.
  2. I am able to select BU as per BG and save row. I can see correct values saved in Database.
  3. Problem is when I refresh page. BU dropdown is always blank with no values selected.

BU dropdown properties:

Aggregate to Fetch BU:

Please assist.



Are you populating the list when selecting an already created record?




Please create a function with parameter which will return the record list and use this function as Source Record List in dorpdown.

Thanks & Regards,

Ramesh Sirvi