I'm creating a mobile app which is using the Yammer APIs and the Yammer open graph embed feed.

How it works is, the first time a user opens the app, the in-app browser open, and the user logs in using his credentials, and then authenticates the app to obtain an access token. Now a button is clicked which loads an open graph feed. (This widget searches for an active yammer session cookie which was obtained in the previous step, in the browser.)

For future logins, (access token is present in local storage) when the feed button is clicked, the feed provides a login button, where the user is again needed to login.

Is there a way to allow the app to access the cookies of the in app browser so that the feed loads without having to login? Is there an alternative solution to this?

Hi Saurav

You need to select the module, go to the properties panel on Service Studio, and find "Use Cookies".

Let me know if it works for you