Crashes when opening an aggregate


So sometimes Service Studio crashes (it's more like a freeze) when I open up an aggregate, I can see it's fetching data for like a second and after that the screen just freezes in place, I can still click and the application doesn't crash but still I am unable to do anything and am forced to terminate Service Studio.

This doesn't happen all the time, and it's not just a specific aggregate, in the previous Service Studio version I did have this problem alot more though.

Any idea's what this could be?


what version are you using and did you submit feedback?

It is more of a support-matter than us to solve..

I have heard from several people this is happening with them as well (afaik I never got it)

hi Claring,

We - i and my team - often experienced the same case like you do especially for older Service Studio version. Then we update to the newest version and so far so good. 

May be the lack of memory, the network can contribute also for this uncomfortable.



Hey J,

Yeah already submitted feedback and someone on our team opened a support case.

BB, the lack of memory or some inconsistency in the network sounds pretty logic..... I'll try to look into that whenever I get this problem again.

I find also the same case for pop up window,,, in one environment (uat-server) that lack of memory... the popup is 'like' freezeeing', but in the environment (production-server)  with enough memory... everything will be all right.

Sometimes the application is also consuming huge memory and our admin must restart the Outsystems server.. and still do not know the cause.. some guess it is code (class) that is not garbaged collected and as the time goes by will consume the memory...and the server will lack of need to restart.

So, the bottom line is that: use the newest version of the tools (Service Studio, etc) and provide enough resource to the environment (server) - memory, network, etc- and restart if needed.