Image path lost after submit image


When i save an action with submit, if one of the inputs validation fails and the image that i choose (with the upload widget) disappears. I know that using the method submit, all the preparation is re-executed, is any way that even if one of the validation inputs (for example, the data of event) fails, i don´t loose the image that i previous selected?


Hi João,

You can use the Multiple File Upload component from the Forge instead of the default upload widget. This component stores the uploaded files in the DB as soon as they are finished uploading. This way, you don't "lose" the uploaded files when doing a postback.

Hi Joao,

When you set the Validation of the Save-button to Client & Server (instead of the default Server), the validation of the fields is done on client-side. Whenever a mandatory field isn't valid, you won't loose the File Upload file/image.