Screen Resolution - Simple way to change dynamically?


I, as surely many of you, have come across the problem of delivering solutions that suit most of the users....

I have a standard for most of laptops, but some apps don't fit that standard. I can change all of them to fit that standard, but high resolution laptop owners might see sizes getting smaller which does not present a good solution.

Is there some kind of extension that does something like reading current screen resolution width and height (i know javascript does it, and probably c# does it to, i just want to know if there is work on this topic, and if someone could make it available), and afterwards change CSS styles, and object sizes dynamically, without having to had a style to each object...

Just some kind of percentual multiplication.....

Is there any action /extension on this?

Best Regards,
Hi Diogo,

Maybe this article can help:
This uses a small javascript function to switch the css.

You might also know this, but making your site work in all resolutions basically involves using % in css instead of px. Testing all configurations is a lot of work, so you might want to fix the width to the lowest common (today it is usually 1024). A good example of this is fixed width is An example of a fluid layout is this very

Tiago Simões
Hello Diogo,

If you are going to resize page contents, you had better do it considering _window size_ and not _screen resolution_. Not everyone uses their applcation windows maximized (myself included) and in the attempt to resize your app to better suit all users you might end up having serious usability flaws.

Simply don't assume the web browser or any application will be maximized (and thus using all the available screen resolution). If you are going to do something on this subject, take the actual window size into consideration.

This is a good article you can read on the subject (this article is totally unrelated to OutSystems):