Maximie Browser at startup

Maximie Browser at startup


A little help in here:
How do I maximize the browser and disable back and forward buttons ?
The app I am developing will be the home page and I need to startup the app in these conditions.

Any idea ?
Hi Rogério,

To do that I believe you need to open the application in a new browser window.
You can use JavaScript's command to achieve this.

Tiago Simões
Keep in mind that although you can hide the toolbars if the browser allows it (some browsers can be configured not to let this happen), you can't explicitly disable the back/forward buttons or functionality: users will always still be able to back/forward through selecting such options in the right-click menu, keyboard shortcuts such as Alt+left and Alt+right or mouse buttons with such functionality assigned (if they happen to have one of such mice).

But should I just load that script on the web screen javascript of the initial page ?