Problem with Date time

Problem with Date time

I’m having a problem with a Date time using the extension “XML”. The extension is used to convert recordList into an Xml document and then back to a recorList, but an error occurs: “Wrong type of value for attribute CreatedOn in entity TRACK. Expected DateTime data type”.

This is happening because I’m generating the Xml in a server that is different from the one that is consuming it. The Date Time generated is of the following type: “12/12/2007 5:00:00 PM”, and the Date time expected is: “12-12-2007 17:00:00”.

I’ve already tried several approaches. I’ve changed the regional settings of the server, checked if the Service Center had the same kind of dates, reinstalled the service studio with the new regional settings and republished the extension and the eSpace, but I’m still having the same problem.

If someone has any idea how to solve this, I would be very grateful.
Make the field type "text", removing the final 3 caracters, replacing "/" by "-" and finally convert it to datetime?


André Alho