Select a new value in a ComboBox

Select a new value in a ComboBox


I'm having some problems selecting a new value, in run time, of a combo box.
I have 1 combo box wich is loaded from a AdvQuery and a Table Records where i load a couple of records (in the TR i have one column (A) with the same identity type of my combo box).

I need to select a record in my TR and use the value in column A to select in my combo box.
I've tried hold the value in a variable and assign it to my combo box, assing the value of the TR directly to the variable of the combo box, but nothing happens, i.e., the combo box is correctly populated but the value is not selected...

Can anyone give me a help on this one!


Erik Sousa
Hi Erik,

From the description of your issue I would say that you need
1 - a screen variable of type yourentity identifier
2 - assign that to the variable property of the combo box
3 - When a user clicks link or button on the Table records you need to update that variable using an assign in a screen action.

Maybe this example on how to use the combo box widget can help you better.

If this doesn't help, maybe you could post a file with a simple example so I can understand your problem better.
Tiago Simões