Flurry vs. Lifetime


I have to make a comparative study between Lifetime and Flurry analytics. I was wondering if it was possible to get similar analytics like Flurry on mobile (I've seen some posts that analytics on Lifetime is not available for mobile apps.), using Lifetime. Also, is it possible to make custom events to track on Lifetime?

Is Lifetime a viable replacement, or is it better to make a flurry reusable component?


Hi Saurav,

LifeTime doesn't seem to have support for native Mobile apps. Given that seems to be the main target of Flurry, from the little I could see on Wikipedia, they will not overlap in functionality at all. On top of that, LifeTime's goal has to do with the application lifecycle, not consumer behavioural analysis or monetization/advertising.

You can read more about LifeTime here, and reach your own conclusions.