I'm trying to build a tree using tree widget.

The tree I built works fine if I use a .Net server but if I use a J2EE server doesn't appear any node.

Does anyone know why this happens?
This is the result I get in a J2EE server.
And I'm using Outsystems platform 4.0
Hi Gonçalo,

As you changed the eSpace name to 'GoncaloTreeWidget', you'll need to change one more thing in the eSpace, so that the resource files can be loaded correctly:

1. Search (Ctrl+F) for "/TreeWidget/" (without quotes) in GoncaloTreeWidget eSpace (TreeWidget.oml).

2. Replace the above for "/GoncaloTreeWidget/" (without quotes) for the occurrences found.

Unfortunately, this alone does not solve the problem for the J2EE server. There is a known issue in the Java server related to resource files. But you have a workaround for this: put the resources in an extension:

1. Create a new extension; add the two resources (jsTree.css, jsTree.js, in attach) to it.

2. In the consumer eSpace, reference the new extension content.

This way, resource files will be available through the extension, and not from the oml. You should be able to access them at:

Paulo Ramos
You solved my problem.

Thanks a lot.