Hi guys,

I'm writing a voting mechanism whereby the user can set an end-date. I want to create a process where the vote performs and action after the end-date has surpassed the current-date. I don't want to do it in the prep as it would rely on the user to go onto that page to activate the action and also do not want to use a timer as it is very taxing on the performance of the system. 

I've never really used processes in outsystems so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards 

Werner Kotze

Hello  Werner

I think the best thing for you here would be exactly the timer. You can set to run each day and the first thing you do is check if the end-date is bigger than the CurrDate(). This way it would not take a very large toll on the system's performance. 


Ângelo Sousa


If you want to use processes i think you should look for something like this https://www.outsystems.com/learn/lesson/904/multiple-instance-activities/. Then u can have a voting process with multiple votes. The wait can wait for all the votes to be cast or you can use a timeout.



A process will only be triggered by a database action (or manual action).
So it still relies on user activity.

You want to do something as soon as a specific date is passed, which pretty much sounds like a timer is your best option. In order to minimize user inpact you could run the timer at an off time, let's say 2 o'clock in the middle of the night for instance.