How to change a user password in active directory

How to change a user password in active directory

Hi, how can we change the password of a user in AD with the extension LDAP? Without remove and create it again.
I've been looking for solution to this, and I've found a code in C# that can be used. But what I really want to know is if is any way to change it using LDAP extension.

Here is the link of C# code.


André Alho
Hello André

I don't think you can do that using any of the methods in LDAP extension - the operation to perform the change is an invoke of a specific operation - Change Password, requiring specific parameters, which is not likely possible with the generic SetProperty.

I could not open the link you pasted, but found a different one with a code example:

It simply opens a connection on behalf of a user, and changes the password. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes. I suggest you do that in a separate extension.

If it works, feel free to post the new extension and/or submit it to - it seems like a nice addition to LDAP extension.