Advance Query dynamic structure or list


I have an advance query that uses a dynamic pivot table. It works if i have a static header but since my header is dynamic, "tomorrow" i can have one more field in header and structure becomes to short to keep the new field. Is it possible to use a structure with a list of text to be unlimited or something like that?

Hi João.

Not direct inside OutSystems. The result structure of a query must be known at design time.

To do something like that, you would be required to split your query and use logic to deal with the results.

There are also some SQL features (vendor bounded, usually), that allows for sub queries to generate the result as a string separated by commas, for example.

And, if I'm not mistaken, there is a pivot table component available in forge. It probably uses an extension, but you could take a look to see if it would solve your requirements or if you can implement something similar adapted to your needs.


Eduardo Jauch