Publish xif file to 2 diferents servers

Publish xif file to 2 diferents servers


I have a problem.

I'm publish a xif file to 2 diferents servers.

The server where I use the integration studio to publish the xif file, the application works. But when I publish the same xif file to the other server some actions doesn't work.

In the xif I use references to another dll.

Any ideia to resolve the problem?

Hi Pedro,

I can see two things that might be happening.
1 - You are referencing an assembly that is installed in the gac on the 1st server but it is not deployed on the 2nd one. Try to install the reference dll on the second server if this is the case.
2 - The assembly reference isn't a global one but you haven't included it on the extension. You can include the dll file on your extension. To do this copy the reference assembly to <path of your xif>\Source\NET\Bin. Then in the integration studio right click the file and add it to the extension, double-click it and confirm the deploy action is copy to binaries directory (see attached image).

Hope this solves your problem.