The type initializer for 'proxy_CDPReportReview_CDP.Flows.FlowCommon.WBlkLayout_Wiz'

Hi Guys,

don't know if this is the right forum, but I would like to ask anyone of you if you are encountered a similar error below:

'The type initializer for 'proxy_CDPReportReview_CDP.Flows.FlowCommon.WBlkLayout_Wiz' threw an exception.'

After republishing the espace, we don't encounter that error again. This error occurs after our deployment using lifetime (9.1.605.0)

Is there someone here has the knowledge about this kind or error and help me understand as to why this is happening and how we can prevent it.

Thanks and have great day ahead.



I have never seen this before. What stack are you on (.NET or Java)?

Hi Kilian, we are using .NET stack

Did you find the error in Service Center? Was there a call stack that might pin point the error more?

Yes, we found the error in Service Center. Here's the error details. 

Mmm, difficult to say what goes wrong there. I'll ask around to see if someone else has any idea.

yeah me too, i'm puzzled by this kind of error. Anyway, thanks Kilian for your responses. 

Hi Froilan. This is indeed hard, but I can try and make some guesses.

This error usually comes up when there are broken dependencies. If you publish a module A that references module B, but has some broken references to it, this error will appear in runtime when module A tries to invoke code from module B. You can break references if you delete something that is being referenced, or add an input/output parameter, but there are a few other cases that can lead to it.

From the stack trace that you provided, I can see that the PaymentConfirmation screen is trying to invoke code from a Layout_Wiz web block, and that is throwing an error. I'm not sure if this web block is in the same module as the PaymentConfirmation screen. If they are on different modules, please do the following:

1. Open the module that produces Layout_Wiz web block. Click in "Manage Dependencies" button on the toolbar (icon looks like a power plug). Click in the "Refresh All" button. Publish it.

2. Open the module that contains the PaymentConfirmation screen. Click "Manage Dependencies" and "Refresh All" like before. Publish it.

Let me know if that worked.