Currently a new user of Outsystems. I am trying to create an online quiz with editable questions and answers stored in database entities. I am currently using radio buttons for users to input their answers since they are all multiple choice questions. Got the idea from here: https://ec2-54-86-107-18.compute-1.amazonaws.com/forums/discussion/26042/webform-with-radio-button/ and have used the solution demo provided to create a web block to capture each question's inputs into a separate entity in the database. 

How can I extract the user answer inputs and compare them with the model answers stored in the database, in order to calculate their scores? I have made the scores for the correct answers to be "1", while incorrect ones are "0". 

Also, I would like to plot graphs showing some statistics of the quiz, such as the number of correct and incorrect attempts of every question. 

Would also like to extract the following information:

1. Total number of quiz takers

2. Top 3 questions answered incorrectly

With this, what is a good way to get their inputs and manipulate them to collect statistics?


Hello Anthony

Have you already finished the Online Training on Web development?

This training, if you already know how to programming other language and have a little experience with database, is more than enough to give you the tools to build such application by your own.


Eduardo Jauch.