How to place an excel file on the server in the espace directory

I'm using a solution that uses an excel file that is present on the server in the espace directory and aceesed using the email extentension and action HttpBinaryGet passing the the URL as follows

What intrigues me is how is this file placed there, since if its done manually it is removed everytime the espace is published.

Any ideas?
Hi Orlando,

You have two ways of doing this.
1 - Using and extension. Just copy the excel to the extensions' directory include it in the extension and in the action select copy to applications' directory. Then you need to reference this extension in your eSpace.
2 - As an oml resource. To do this you need to use the omlresources executable that you find in service studio's directory. Search the community for help on how to use the omlresources to add the excel to your oml file.
Hello Orlando

You can find some information on how to add resources to your OML file in the following technical note:

How to use Multilingual support

This technical note aims mostly at using multilingual support for applications, but includes a brief documentation on the OMLResources tool. You can also open a command line, navigate to the folder where you have Service Studio installed, and issue the command:


This will display a short help on the available commands.