Send email did not receive it


How to debug whether the email is being send out? I cannot receive the email and not sure how to troubleshoot.

Hi Jace,

Could you please let me know from which environment you are trying to send an Email. Is this your personal environment ?


Hello Jace

As Hitesh said, if you are using your personal environment, I think you cannot send e-mails

If you are not using your personal, go to service center -> administration -> Email and uncheck the Redirect Email to test List option

Let me know if this solved your issue



Hi everybody,

The email feature works on all kinds of environment (at least until recently).

But you need to setup the smtp server that will effectively send the mail, as the platform does not provide an email server.

Be aware that many mail servers today (like gmail), require that you explicitly authorizes third party software to use it, for security reasons. GMail is special is very difficult (if possible at all) to use.

I think hotmail works, but not sure.

In any case, in service center, in monitoring, you have a menu for email, where you can check the status of the sending.


Eduardo Jauch


This is a important question. I would like to set a Gmail as smtp mail serve.

Could somebody give a step by step how to do it?


Hello Alberto,

This is the official OutSystems documentation on how to do the setup:

About gmail, you shoulf read this topic:

Eduardo Jauch