Entity Default Attributes

Is there a way to set system or application-wide defaults for new entities. For example, suppose I want to capture the date created, created by, date last edited, and last edited by information in each entity. I can add those attributes to each entity I create. Just trying to save time.

Hi Aaron,

While I think this would be great, or at least to have the possibility to add a group of predefined attributes, this is not possible (as far as I know).

As a "workaround", after you set the attributes in the first entity, it is just a matter of copy/paste to the others.

Why don't you give this idea in the IDEAS area in the community? I don't know if someone already had it, but would be nice :)

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo,

Can't we create one Entity and refer that entity to every where we want. Let's suppose you create another table and want audit on that table so use that audit table wherever you want. I don't know is this a good solution or not. Please advice.  




Hi Hitesh,

This is a possible solution.
But I really can't tell you if it is a good solution or not. 

On one side, you avoid having to create some fields on all the other entities that would have them, using a FK to associate records of those entities with your audit entity. You also would not need it unless you want to show the audit information.

But now you have a big Audit entity that connects to no one by itself, with information that by itself is meaningless. Also, depending on the number of entities connected to this table and the number of records on them, this Audit entity can get really big maybe causing some performance impact when required. 

And while in theory you should have a relationship 1:1 between Audit and other entities, nothing in the entity itself prevents you of having multiple records in the other entity pointing to the same record in Audit, which would be an error, but possible anyway, requiring extra logic to be avoided.

So, due the facts above mentioned, particularly I wouldn't adopt it, in general.

Eduardo Jauch