UseHeaderFade property on LisbonTheme


I would like to turn off the the feature in the Lisbon Theme that the top navigation bar doesn't have a background color unless you scroll (I want it to always have a background color).

I found that the LisbonTheme has an input parameter called "UseHeaderFade" which I think is what I need, but I can't figure out where to set it in my web application which derives from Lisbon Theme.

So where do I define and set that parameter?

Thx so much!




The "UseHeaderFade" by default has the value "false" ("When False (default), removes the header fade effect on user scroll."). This parameter is an input of the WebBlock "Layout_Lisbon", for changing its value you have to check where it is being called and pass there the value that you want it to have.

About the described problem it seems to me, that is a css problem, with the colors that your website has, since I have WebSites with Lisbon Theme and wasn't able to reproduce the problem. Do you have an oml that you can share?

Best regards,

João Nobre