Solution download from servicecenter

Solution download from servicecenter

Hi to all,

Simple question.
A have s solution on my service-center. After it was published several components where updated and published on the server. So several e-spaces have a newer version then the original installed with the solution. When i download the solution from servic-center, whats than included? Is the solution containing all published version of the components registered to the solution, or das the download of the solution contain the original versions of the components that where original installed with the solution?

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Michiel Runhardt
(Rendo NL)
Hi Michiel,

First of all welcome to our community.

The answer to your question is that this depends on where you're downloading the solution from.
Solutions have version control, meaning that every time you create a new version its contents relate to the versions of the eSpaces and extensions that it includes. The same happens when you upload. If you see the Versions tab in the solution detail you'll see that, just as you can for an eSpace or an extension, you can download any version of the solution. Even more you can drill down into the version's detail and see which versions of the eSpaces and extensions were used and differences of these to the currently published versions.
On the same solutions' detail page you have a Download Running Version button. what this does is to create a solution with the currently published versions of each eSpace and extension that's in the solution. It does not create a version though.

I hope this was helpful to you. Don't forget to keep coming back to out community to share your doubts with us as well as clarifying others doubts.