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Published on 21 May (2 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 21 May (2 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D

The Barcode Scanner plugin has a "Settings" parameter.  When I enter something here I get the error message... 'Settings' data type required...

I can't seems to find any information on the 'Settings' data type... and what format is required for this area.

I'd like to add... disableSuccessBeep: false in order to get a beep when a barcode is scanned.



Hello, David,

The plugin includes a "Settings" data structure, which has a range of options to customize the behavior of your Barcode scanner. You should create a Local Variable with of type, assign its attributes to your needs and pass it through the "Settings" input parameter of the "ScanBarcode" action, as seen below:

This would the usual flow...but you are referring to an option that is not available on the Settings structure. This means you will have to customize the "ScanBarcode" action of your plugin to add this functionality, like so:

Please let me know if this helped. :)

Best regards,

Carlos Simões

Hi Carlos,

Yes... thanks... it does help... but I'm very new to OutSystems and so I'm mostly confused by terminology and flow right now.

I think this is what I needed to do... after fumbling around for a while.

In my app, in the Logic section, locate the ScanBarcode plugin... right click and select 'Open in BarcodePlugin' eSpace.  Is this right?  This opens, essentially, my copy of the BarcodePlugin.  Right?

Doing this I'm able to see the Flow you have pictured.  I then open the "RunCodeScanner" JS node... and I see the Javascript code you have pictured.  But I'm stuck there.  

You have 'disabledSuccessBeep' : $parameters.DisableSuccessBeep displayed... but, try as I may, I cannot add in a parameter named DisableSuccessBeep.

I can do this... 'disabledSuccessBeep' : false but that's not what you're showing.

Could you describe how you added $parameters.DisableSuccessBeep?  Thanks.  David