Retrieve item value selected from ComboBox

01. I have a ComboBox loaded with a few entries from an entity.

02. I want to allow user to select (onclick?) from the ComboBox.

03. Based on value of ComboBox item selected in (02) above, I want to go to a destination form.

Any chance someone can assist with 02 and 03 above?

I'm brand new to OutSystems... it's been about a week... but I just tried this and it seems to work ok.

You have a local variable assigned to your Dropdown.  Mine is named "myDropdownValue".

In the Dropdown On Change event I added a new Client Action.

In my Client Action I dropped in a Switch... and then dropped a Destination for each screen.

Drag a connector between the Switch and each Destination... and then set the Condition for connector.

e.g. Condition 1 is : myDropdownValue = "Screen1".  Screen1 was one of my Dropdown choices.

Thanks David.  

I did get this work soon after posting the item.  Basically, I did same thing you did.  My use case was not clear anywhere in the documentation/youtube/whatever scattered about.

I appreciate you assistance.

No troubles... glad you got it worked out.  Working out solutions is a good way for me to find my way around Outsystems.

Hi Larry,

The ComboBox, like some of the other input widgets, has an OnChange handler, that you can use to implement 02.

And the variable you assigned to the Variable property of the ComboBox will hold the selected value/Id, you can then use it to implement the logic you require for 03.

Thank you Jorge.

Yes, this is what I discovered.

I appreciate the help.