Offline SMS Gateway

Offline SMS Gateway


Can anyone tell me what happens to the messages in queue (or new messages sent) while the SMS Gateway is offline?
What's the platform behavior on this case? Do we have a max number of retries to send the messages? Is there a timeout? Will the platform simply keep trying to send the messages until it manages to?

Thanks in advance,
Ana Rita Santos
Hi Ana,

The SMS Connector has an internal queue in each Hub Node for outgoing messages. Each outgoing messages is kept in that queue until the maximum number of retries for that message is reached. The number of retires is defined in the SMS Connector tab inside OutSystems Configuration Tool. You also have the estimated timeout before the message is discarded. The retry mechanism uses an exponential backoff algorithm ( ) to avoid congestion. When a message is discarded, an error is placed in the sms log stating the specific message was not delivered. You can also use the OnDeliveryReport system action inside your espace to trap discarded SMSs.

Hope this helps,