How to set internal version number in iOS?

I would like to upgrade an old app with the new OutSystems app.

This means that the internal version number (CFBundleShortVersionString in Info.plist) must be higher than the existing app.

However, the version in the OutSystems app, is lower (0.2), than the app already in the store (1.3).

How can increase or set the version number of the OutSystems app?

Some ideas:
1. one time manual change in OutSystems underlying database
2. Cordova plugin which changes resources.plist on build
3. Publishing a lot of times manually
4. An unknown (to me) setting in OutSystems
5. other ideas?


It seems that tagging the version in OutSystems Lifetime will update this property.

The underlying build number (CFBundleVersion) only has to be unique within a version.

Apple has accepted the new build.


Hello Bram. 

I have this same problem, i.e., iOS version is being reject by Apple cause the new version is lower than the older one. How could you solve this ? Is there a way to adjust the version number ?

Thanks in advance.

Luciano Guimaraes

In LifeTime you can tag your build and the underlyimg mobile builds. When doing this, there is an option to set the version manually. Set it to a version jogger than the on in the app store. 

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Hello Remco.

I did a new tag version (before was 0.9 and I updated it to 1.0) in LifeTime and it worked well.


Luciano Guimaraes