Detach Process DB Catalog Issues

So I'm going through the detach process as we are discontinuing use of the platform and I have run into issues with applications that use database catalog databases. We have several applications setup to use databases defined in the ossys_dbcatalog table. In the instructions for 9 (we are on it says:

"In the Outsystems Platform database, find the OSSYS_DBCATALOG. Update the Password and OwnerPassword column entires to the plain text passwords. You don't need to change the entry for the Main catalog"

In our table, those fields are blank and we are using integrated windows auth. When I load the applications that use these databases, I am getting an error consistent on all of these applications: "Invalid object name '.DBO.<table_name>'" and tracing through the code, it appears that there is a place where it would normally add <db_name_from_catalog>.DBO.<table_name> for these queries.

I've detached all the dependent applications and redeployed them. Applications that do not access databases in the catalog work fine. Applications that access database defined in the DBCONNECTION table work fine. I have spent days trying to figure out why the DB name is not being returned to my detached applications.

Is there something possibly missing from the detach process documentation I might be missing?

Hi Eric,

What is the detach process documentation are you following? Is this one: The Detach Process for .NET.pdf ?

What is you platform version? and application server?

It seems that during the detach process you hit into a DB catalog issues, are you aware of the following documentation Multiple Database Catalogs and Schemas?

We are on and I had followed the instructions for version 9 linked.

The exact example I can give is I have an eSpace called iCommute that references entities in another eSpace called BussApp_Data which uses a DB catalog called Transit_Rider_Management. When the application loads and attempts to lookup my "Rider" details the following error is returned: Invalid object name '.DBO.OSUSR_6SL_RIDER'. Note: The DB catalog name is missing. in the code this is represented by an entity name in curly braces "{Rider}" that is supposed to replaced in the code somewhere with TRANSIT_RIDER_MANAGEMENT.DBO.OSUSR_6SL_RIDER in this example. 

I have several other eSpaces in our environment that follow this same design pattern and all show the same behavior. For other eSpaces we have that do not follow this pattern things are working fine, but for those that use this pattern, there seems to be something I missing because they all have the same error.