Hi Outsystems,

I wanted to know that if I have registered two environments today as dev and test on lifetime and aftersome time, I would be using them as test and prod and would have new dev environment, then would this affect in anyway?

Hello Snehal

What you need to do is:

1) Open LifeTime

2) Click tab Environments

3) Under Options select Add Environment

There you can choose the order you want your environments are. In this case, you should choose the new environment to be at the beginning 

I think you can change  the name of the environment as well, but I can't seem to find that option now



yes, so today's scenario is

dev 1.1-> test 1.1 - empty

and tomorrow we may need:

dev1.0 -> dev 1.1 -> test 1.1

so registering environments in today's scenario would not affect( losing data or not being able to deploy code) if I change the flow tomorrow , is that correct?



If it applies to your scenario, you may consider changing the Running Mode of your environments (i.e. change the dev 1.1 and test 1.1 environments to production mode) but you shouldn't suffer any data loss or deploying problems


thanks Ângelo !

Appreciate your quick response!