Currently the .NET installation checklist mentions explicitly to use the IIS application pools in managed pipline classic mode, instead of the 'new' integrated mode for the ServiceCenter and LifeTime applications pools. I was wondering if the same rules apply for application pools that hold part of our eSpaces that are responsible for REST APIs. We have experienced multiple problems with the classic mode because it seems the content type of incoming and outgoing JSONs are not formatted as such. Furthermore, our JSON2Record actions are giving errors in ServiceCenter while using the classic mode. I think it is a bit weird OutSystems still uses this old legacy good for their .NET platform..

Hi Vincent, Integrated pipeline mode is supported since Platform Server 10.0.502.0 (see release notes https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Release_Notes/Platform_Server). 

You should be able to set all applications pools to integrated mode.