Problem consuming/deploying a SOAP Web Service

Hi all,

I'm getting an issue consuming a SOAP WSDL into Service Studio with following alerts on some methods:

the ones above can't be consumed by service studio at the moment but other methods that are not giving errors when I'm consuming the WSDL are failing when it's time to publish/deploy with following error:

I already did some investigation and I think I found the issues for these problems that are related with these:

also find a possible solution from Joao Abreu on this post:

but the problem is that I can't identify at the moment what are the structures that are causing this misbehavior so I cant set the correct attributes.

The WSDL that I'm trying to consume and related XSD's are attached in a .zip file.

Would be to much to ask if someone with more experience in WSDL could get quick look and try to help me to identify where's the problem are coming from?

Thank in advance for your help!



Hi Gonçalo,

It may be there are recursive structures in the WSDL. If you do not need them, you can save a local copy of the WSDL, remove them and import the modified file. When published, update the "Consumed SOAP Web Service" URL to the actual server.

This is just a work around, make sure you document this and keep the modified WSDL for future reference.



Hi Stanley,

unfortunately the third party that is exposing the webservice didn't like the idea of changing the wsdl so I decided to consume the SOAP webservice from an extension to overcome the complexity of the structures.

Thank you for help on this.