Problem creating an extension

Problem creating an extension


I have created an extension that opens a word document, save that document and close the word application.

Inside the document I have a Macro that runs when document is open (in order to make this I've created a Macro called AutoOpen), but my extension stops when the document is opened given me the error:

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object." in Service Studio and
"Memória insuficiente. Guarde o documento agora." in Visual Studio

But the fact is that I have enough memory.

I've attached my extension to topic.

Can someone helpme?
Hi Claudio,

This does not seem to be a problem with the OutSystems Platform, but of running macros in MS Word when using the ASP.Net account. You might want to try any of these 2 options:
1 - Either use this workaround (you might need to do the impersonation inside the extension or use the Run As functionality in OutSystems Service Center)
2 - or you can try to remove the macro and put all its code in the extension itself.

Tiago Simões
I guess you know this already, but you would also need to have MS word installed on the server.

Tiago Simões
Thank's Tiago, my extension is now working fine, I have created a new user with admin previlege and post that user in run as. I also include the word macro code in the extension. Now I don't need word macros any more, making my application more safe.

Thank you again.