Hello guys

Is there any kind of documentation where I can find a list of Exception Messages thrown in Service Center? 

The project I'm currently working on uses a lot of REST API calls and, consequently, it relies heavily on server communication. We are developing logic to catch all Exceptions thrown if the calls fail, regardless of the reason why it failed, to display a message so the user knows what's wrong. We've already caught the "Unable to connect to the remote server" exception message, but we need to know if there are any other possibilities.

Simply catching the exception and display its message may not be sufficient because we may need to complete the message with an indication of something the user may do to correct the problem.

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Hello Angelo,

When dealing with Webservices, its the server you are trying to reach (most of the time), that will return an answer with an error code if the error happens.

If the error is "internal" to the service, you need to look for the documentation of the service.

If it's a more "server" error, it will also return the error in the answer, but usually are the codes like 404, etc, that are http errors, you can find the list on google ;)

You can deal with the answer before the platform throws an exception (a generic one).

See this: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Extensibility_and_Integration/REST/Consume_REST_APIs/Handling_REST_Errors


Hi Eduardo

Thanks for your help ;)