What is differemce : publishing oap file and solution pack


I found that it may create new oml version by publishing solution pack(For instances, It create new oml file version In case there is broken reference)

Is there any difference of behavior when publishing oap file and solution pack?


Hello Ayumi

I may be wrong on this but I think the main difference is:

Publishing an .osp file allows you to pick the eSpaces you want to include in that solution, whereas the .oap file only publishes the eSpaces belonging to that application. Meaning that you can publish ALL your applications in a single .osp file but only one application on .oap file

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Hello Ângelo,

Thank you for reply,

What I wanted to know is, if I just need to reflesh reference on One single application and it does not need to take snapshot, just publishing oap works fine, or It need to create solution pack(since internal behavior of publishing is somehow different)

I know the difference between oap and solution pack in this aspect, like you can publish ALL your applications in a single .osp file but only one application on .oap file.



Hello Ayumi,

The main point here is the real unit: module (espace).

The module is what matters. An application package or a solution, in the end, is really just a collection of modules, when talking about versions.

So what really matters is that when you change something, that you refresh everybody that depends on it. 

If the change is visible for other modules, you will probably break them if they are not refreshed. This will happen on both ways. If the change is internal, publishing in a solution a module that depends on the changed module will make it use the newer version of the producer. But I'm not sure this work this way in application package publishing.

So, why the solution?

First, it is a way to deal with circular references in some situations. Second, a solution that is published is a snapshot of all the modules on it. This means that you can recover all at the same time, instead of one by one, if you need it.

If all the changes you did are contained in one application, including consumers, and you don't want to create a snapshot of your app, you are safe to publish the oap.


Eduardo Jauch